Monday, July 28, 2014


Who: Ashley & I
What: Climbing a volcano in the cloud forest
Where: Outside of Granada, Nicaragua at Volcan Mombacho*
Captured: Canon Powershot

*Beware, this post is picture heavy. I simply can't help myself. 

Spot the monkey ^^ ?

Sunday, July 27, 2014

5.28.14.Part IV

Who: Ashley & I
What: Exploring, eating ice cream, & watching the sun set
Where: Granada, Nicaragua
Captured: Canon Powershot*

*All my photos from this trip will either be from my little powershot or disposables. I just couldn't bring myself to take my professional camera (seemed to risky to me, and looking back, I am pretty glad I didn't bring it)

Our hotel was so cute! And our hosts were super helpful. The tile in this country is absolutely stunning, this was in our hotel lobby!  ^^

The view from our hotel room!! ^^

Someone was very excited about quesillos ^^

We climbed this church to watch the sunset!! ^^ It was so beautiful, these pictures simply don't do it justice.

5.28.14.Part III

Who: Ashley & I
What: Exploring one of the islands/giving our arms a break from kayaking
Where: Lake Nicaragua in Granada, Nicaragua
Captured: Disposable Camera*

* I just love how crazy some of the disposable shots came out. I guess that's the glory of using a disposable camara, you just never know what you are going to get.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

5.28.14.Part II

Who: Ashley & I
What: Kayaking Las Isletas in Lake Nicaragua
Where: Granada, Nicaragua
Captured: Disposable camera

Our guide, Miguel ^^

Volcan Mombacho!! ^^ We climb this volcano the next morning! 

Miguel did a magic trick for us ^^ the end result was this beautiful flower!

We tricked Miquel into thinking we were great at kayaking, so he took us further than the normal tour goes so we could get to Monkey island!