Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Indianna Last Summer: Part V

So I had to split up these posts a little bit simply due to the huge number of photos that we took! I swear I will finally have all these posts up & hopefully I will eventually get caught up! After we were done running through corn we decided to make designs on the next lanterns we let off. I didn't manage to snap any pictures the second time we released them, but you get the idea from the first post. We also tried to get the perfect silhouette shot. Ha ha it seems silly, but we tried the night before & started to late, so as you can see we started earlier this time around, perhaps a bit too early... So, while we waited for the sun to set we decided it was time for a fire. We had just created the pit the day before, so we thought it was about time to put it to good use. The sky was so beautiful. Thankfully I caught a bit of it. Looking at these pictures now really makes me long for another trip down there. It really is so simple there. I miss the feeling of not having a care in the world other than what is for dinner. Hopefully this summer Rob & I will get a chance to go down there again. And all the waiting was worth it because we finally go that perfect shot! Photos by Rob & I

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Indiana Last Summer: Part IV

For some reason it seemed like a great idea to frolic through the cornfield. I suppose since it was such a presence around the farmhouse that the allure was too strong for us to ignore. And, for the most part, it was fun. Although there were a few injuries (bleeding legs, bruised eyes).
The corn was so tall it towered over us! I felt like I was in that scene from the beginning of the LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring when Sam & Frodo are walking through Farmer Maggot's crops. It was so crazy!
As the sun started setting the light felt so warm. I like that you can get a sense of that in this picture.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Indiana Last Summer: Part III

On our second day in Indiana we just hung out around the house. I should warn, this is a very picture-heavy post. We went a little nuts I guess.
We couldn't get enough of Chunky, he seriously steals your heart.
We spent some time in the garden collecting vegetables for dinner. Rob's mom is seriously the best cook.
Some of our pickings.
We helped build a fire-pit while we were there. Well, Bruce did most of the work, but we were there for support!
And then we really took advantage of Chunky.
This is the fire-pit we made (well mostly Bruce made) for Dave & Val while we were down there. It is basically inside the remnants of the old silo that used to be on the property. It is really a great place for fires because it is a perfectly flat raised cement/dirt platform.