Monday, August 2, 2010

Summer Wasting

This summer has gone by sooo fast! I haven't been able to post much because I have been so busy. I finished my internships just in time to get home and adopt a foreign exchange student. Long story short, but he ended up staying with us for two weeks, and we tried to do as much as we could with him while he was here. This meant doing a lot of activities, but not taking many photos. That somewhat explains my absence. I guess I have just been so busy getting ready to move and still working full time. I feel like the summer just flew by.

My sister snapped these photos for me a while ago. I love my hasbeens, but haven't worn them nearly enough! I am making sure that they get as much wear as they deserve from now on. Nothing too exciting about my outfit. I just threw it on to have dinner with Robby. I've had the blouse for years, but the shorts I got very early this summer. They have to be the best pair I have ever owned. I kept looking for high-waisted shorts for the summer, but eventually gave up simply because of a lack of luck and time. Perhaps next summer . . .

I will post some more photos from my summer soon. I swear I will be better at posting on a regular basis as soon as I have moved and gotten all settled in.

Photos by Ashley

blouse: alloy
shorts: ny & co
shoes: swedish hasbeens


  1. you look so lovely dear, :)

  2. Your outfit is adorable!! I love the shoes especially, the woven detail is awesome. Hope you get all settled in soon! I'm about to move and that chaos that is ensuing is nerve-racking :)