Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Indiana Last Summer: Part I

So here is the first set of pictures from our trip down to Indiana to see Rob's mom & step-dad last summer. We had a wonderful time. It was especially great because Rob's sister & her husband (& adorable kids) were there too, as well as Rob's brother & my sister! Wow, that was a mouthful. Anyway we had a few adventures while we were there.

These pictures were from our first day there. We got there somewhat late in the evening and just wanted to hang out and not be in the car (it was a 4 hour drive from where we live in Michigan). One thing I love most about being down there is the feeling at their house. It really is like being on a farm! They live in an old farmhouse and as you can see they have chickens and cats. They also have a huge garden in their yard. I keep trying to convince Rob's mom that she should get a few goats! Perhaps one day ;)

Above is Chunky. He is the fatter/nicer cat. The cat in the first picture is Duchess. She is a little shy.

Bruce trying to get Duchess to come to him. He did not succeed.

You can see some of the garden in the picture above with Rob's mom & brother Bruce.

My beautiful sister showing her face around here again.

 Photos by Rob & I

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