Friday, July 6, 2012

Indianna Last Summer: Part VII

So, we actually went spelunking while were were in Indiana (well sorta). We went on a tour of caves on a boat. And I picked up these cats in the gift shop as a joke. We thought it would be funny to try & capture them in a number of our photos & see if we noticed them. So keep you eyes open!! Dave didn't want to climb the tower, he doesn't like heights, so we included him in our pictures this way :) The tower we are on was quite the climb. They were originally used to watch for fires. I am glad it is not my job to climb up there everyday... Spot the cats? We got pretty silly about the cats. I didn't include all the pictures we took with them. I suppose it was just a good excuse to have a little fun & get all of these guys to pose for pictures. Holding the sun in you hands. Bruce just about got hit by a car while taking this photo, hence the crazy faces! No worries, no one was hurt during the making of these pictures. And the obsession with bridges continues. I just cannot help myself. Pictures by all of us!

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