Tuesday, October 14, 2014

8.20.14.Part II

Who: Rob & I along with Bruce
What: Camping
Where: Big Knob Park near Naubinway, Michigan
Captured: Canon EOS50

So, our campsite was like moss-town USA. Rob was in heaven. We all were really, except for an unfortunate accident that I will not mention here we had a great time at the campground & couldn't have asked for a better first night in the UP.

Oh, hello there!

This ^^ was just behind those trees you saw in the first few pictures. I mean, this campsite was amazing & we really only saw a few other people the entire time.

So happy I brought a jacket. It was positively cold out here by the water (well, cold at least for August). Its funny how many times this jacket has made an appearance on here. I guess it was a good purchase, the best color ever (duh) & super warm/comfy but not too warm. You know what I'm talking about.

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