Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sad Rainy Day

These photos were taken at Spencer Mills Cemetery in Kent County. Robby and I were just driving around on the back roads near our houses looking or something fun to do. It was such a gloomy day with the rain and the dreary sky that a cemetery just seemed to call me to it. It was actually quite beautiful. Because it has been raining so much lately the grass and leaves are so green!

I got this dress for my birthday last year from my fiance. I love it! I really want to wear it without tights and it appears I may get the chance soon here because the weather has certainly changed. It has been upper 70's to 80's here in Michigan for the last few days! I thought I was ready for the heat but now I am not sure.

Photos by Robby

dress: gift from fiance
sweater: ? very old
tights: kohls
boots: apt 9
ring: pier one


  1. Love these photos! The cemetery makes the perfect backdrop for a rainy day!


  2. Cemeteries always seem so peaceful.... if a bit morbid!