Monday, May 17, 2010

Take It Easy

This is yet again another very simple outfit post. I swear I will have adventures for you all to see soon! I just have a bunch of photos on my computer that were taken while I was still in school. This is another very simple outfit that I wore during my finals. I had very little sleep but hopefully you can't tell in the post.

photos by Ashley

shirt: jcrew
sweater: old navy (years and years ago)
trousers: gap
shoes: ?
earrings: f21

Gosh I have been listening to the new She & Him on repeat so much lately! I guess I have been just so happy that it is spring and the album has that feel to it.

I have been on a few adventures in the last few days. My fiance and I have actually had some overlapping time off so we took off with no idea of where we were headed. I will be adding some photos shortly. . .

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