Sunday, June 6, 2010

William's Farm

Driving around the countryside never fails to present beautiful old barns! I have recently been thinking about what type of house I would love to live in one day. I think I want it to be an old farmhouse! Of course I want a barn. Wouldn't it be nice to turn the barn into a place to hang out and host parties in the summer? Christmas lights and cute tables could go a long way. Now all I have to do is find the perfect old farmhouse with a barn on a plot of land and then live happily ever after! Oh if only it was that simple!

These photos were taken at an old abandoned barn Robby and I found while we were driving around randomly one day.

Photos by Robby

cardigan: ny & co
shorts: f21
flats: uo


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  2. My last comment was full of errors so I am re-doing it lol..

    BUT! I love your photos! I love the locations you chose because they add to your outfit instead of detracting! Great artistic choices! :) I wish I had a boy who would take my pictures for me!! That would be totally perfect!

    And I think the barn hang-out would be so cute! I wish I had the imagination it would take to create something like that! It looks like you've got what it takes though! lol

    I need to get up the guts to take more shots in public places, but I am still really nervous! How do you do it??? :)