Tuesday, March 20, 2012

When The Sun Shines

I am not a contacts person. I thought I would love the freedom of not wearing glasses, but it turns out that it just irritates me to wear contacts. Perhaps I just try to wear them too long throughout the day, but I have plenty of friends who wear them just as long, if not longer (I'm looking at you Ashley...) with no problems at all. Now that it is getting sunny again around here I feel like it may be time to give them a shot again.

This outfit is a product of the heat. It seems like it can get so hot in the summer here that it's hard to get inspired. These photos were taken last summer, and I have a few good ideas for this summer that while hopefully keep things interesting.

Photos by Rob

shirt& sunnies: target, skirt: kimchi blue, heels: simply vera, owl necklace: uo

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