Thursday, September 11, 2014

7.4.14.Part II

Who: Rob & I along with our friends Jamie & Chelsi (& their family!)
What: Re-starting our day after a quick nap (I mean, we were up pretty early to see the lighthouse & we had a feeling it might be a long day)
Where: Beaver Island, Michigan
Captured: Canon EOS50 & Powershot (as I have stated again & again, it just wouldn't be a true vacation if our battery didn't die & I didn't bring the charger, haha!)

I opted out of the bike ride ^^ so I could chill a bit with Chelsi & Micah (and I mean, really also so I could you know, relax, on vacation haha)!

Next we rode downtown for the parade! This thing was awesome, & I am hoping we can be in it next year. It sounds like the rules for entry are pretty loose & how much fun would that be! I haven't been in a parade since high school!

Oh hey Whiskey Point! ^^

We had perfect weather for the parade (which is amazing, because it rained all day the day after). And look, planes! ^^

A billion thanks to these two awesome people ^^ for hosting us. We had such a blast!

There was a full band playing on this float ^^ and obviously I was loving it.

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