Thursday, September 18, 2014


Who: Rob & I along with Jamie
What: A little last minute exploring of the island before we had to leave
Where: Beaver Island, Michigan
Captured: Canon Powershot

We found Feodor Protar's grave, although really this spot only marks his place of death (after a train derailment), his body was transported to Grand Rapids for burial. Protar was a recluse who came to the island to undertake a spiritual quest. He lived in a cabin on old Slopetown Road & provided medical services to those who couldn't afford, or get to the doctor in St James.

We found the site of The Stone Circle too! Archeologists currently debate the history & significance of these stones. The site was massive, but very difficult to see due to all the growth around the rocks.

The views here are obviously incredible ^^. I wish we could have stayed longer.

This sign ^^ was very misleading. There was no beer to be found anywhere around...

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