Thursday, May 12, 2011

St. Joseph North Pier Light

So Rob and I took a trip to Chicago a few months ago to see the Wait Wait Don't Tell Me taping. It was my first time going to Chicago and also my first time taking the train! I was very excited. We decided to drive to St. Joseph to catch the train there, and we had about an hour to waste before we boarded so we walked down to the lighthouse despite the cold. We thought we would take some pictures, but it was soo windy! The light was originally built in 1893 but has been recently restored. Hopefully we will get to see it up closer someday.

This is the result of our pictures with all the wind! Oh well...

Photos by Rob

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  1. Gorgeous pictures, wind or no wind! My dad's town is a bit like that, always blowing a gale, and rather hard to photograph!