Thursday, May 26, 2011


As Michigan weather transitions into summer I will be transitioning into a new type of bathing suit. Up until this year I have always worn a two piece, but this year I am taking the plunge into one piece territory. There are a few reasons for that; first off I really like the retro feel of the one piece suits. Second, I will be swimming with Robs nephew this summer and I feel like one piece suits do a better job of keeping everything in place when you have a two year old hanging on you. Third, I have reached that point where I think I will just be more comfortable in a one piece. I am not swearing off two pieces for good, but for now I like the option of having one. Perhaps once it gets a bit warmer I'll even show you this beauty in action!

What are your guys' thoughts on the one piece vs two piece?

Photo by me!

Bathing suit: J Crew

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  1. Oh! I love that one piece! I'm generally a one piece kinda gal. I grew up in New England where modesty is pretty much instilled into you. : )
    Nut, I actually do prefer one pieces - they are more comfy and can be cute if you go for retro looks : )