Thursday, April 21, 2011

Frederick Meijer Gardens Chihuly Glass: Inside

My sister and I somewhat recently went to see the Chihuly glass with our grandmother. We spent an entire afternoon strolling around the gardens and it was absolutely lovely.

We took so many photos. It was hard to choose which to include!

I love this picture of my sister! She looks so beautiful.

These birds were so cute!

There was glass everywhere to look at. This piece was the largest piece displayed indoors. It reminded me of balloons.

I will post more pictures of the glass we saw outdoors tomorrow.

Photos by me

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  1. So nice. I love all of the tropical flowers because I was born in Hawaii, but now live in Oregon. The hibiscus in particular reminds me of my childhood home because we had a tree in the backyard :)

    Thanks for sharing!